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I just purchased the bundle.  When I viewed the description, you say

  • RPG Maker compatible!

I understood this to mean that I could easy take your png's and convert them to work with RPG Maker.  You actually include the RPG Maker tilesets which is a huge bonus.  Consider changing wording to RPG Maker Tilesets included.  


glad you like it! yes, I also use RPG Maker so I try to make them work for it, I will change my pages description, thank you for the purchase! ♥


Very cute assets! :) Would you perchance plan to create a worldmap tileset in the future?

I'm going to finish the dungeon tileset then I will make a new list, will see if I add worldmap too! (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b


Very cute 🥰

thank you!♥